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Sacred vs. Profane: The Smackdown! (Or YFSP Reads Yoga PhD, Part One)

Leaving certain fundamental questions asked but unanswered creates a space of openness and mystery that’s much more valuable than any box that absolutist directives and determinations might provide. (Yoga PhD, p. 32) Allright, y’all. Here we go. I’m an online book club virgin, so let’s take it a little slow. I wanted to kick off […]

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Labor Pains: A Call for Self-Inquiry

Yoga is a spiritual, although not specifically religious, pursuit. Its lineage is based on leader-follower relationships.  As Jen so concisely puts it, yoga is not categorically different than these other spiritual traditions, and it is equally susceptible to the corruptions of power, authority and popularity. What is different about yoga, though, is that its philosophies […]

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