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Yoga for Smart People is thrilled to present our team of collaborators. Among us you will find yogis of all stripes: academics, recovering academics, journalists, poets, yoga teachers, computer programmers, punk rockers, Ayurvedic practitioners, gardeners of the soil and soul, and moms. We are excited to embark on this psycho-spiritual journey with the benefit of multiple intelligences and points of view.


Tracey Duncan - Founder of

Tracey Duncan is the founder and editor of Yoga for Smart People, at least until someone offers to take these duties off her hands. She studied Anthropology at Columbia, Creative Writing at Louisiana State University, Massage at Educated Hands, and Yoga at Satchidananda Ashram-Yogaville and Swan River. She really really (really) likes to study and she likes yoga a lot (a whole lot). She lives in New Orleans with the girl of her dreams and a family of furry pets named after vegetables and the members of Fleetwood Mac. She teaches sliding scale yoga classes and practices both traditional table and Thai massage. You can check out her personal yoga blog if you want to know more about her.

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Collaborate with Yoga for Smart People!


Yoga for Smart People was created because dumbed down, corporately-sponsored crap dominates the search engines. Most yogis could care less about trying to achieve a “yoga booty in 60 days or less!” but you’d never know it by most of the advertainment that passes for yoga journalism.

We can do better.

Yoga for Smart People is not meant as an elitist enterprise. It is meant to provide a space where thoughtful yogis can come together to discuss ideas. It is also not meant to compete with or to replace any of the already awesome yoga blogs and online magazines out there. It is meant to bring writers together to engage with each other in a conversational way. Read More »

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