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Yoga for Smart People is thrilled to present our team of collaborators. Among us you will find yogis of all stripes: academics, recovering academics, journalists, poets, yoga teachers, computer programmers, punk rockers, Ayurvedic practitioners, gardeners of the soil and soul, and moms. We are excited to embark on this psycho-spiritual journey with the benefit of multiple intelligences and points of view.


Tracey Duncan - Founder of

Tracey Duncan is the founder and editor of Yoga for Smart People, at least until someone offers to take these duties off her hands. She studied Anthropology at Columbia, Creative Writing at Louisiana State University, Massage at Educated Hands, and Yoga at Satchidananda Ashram-Yogaville and Swan River. She really really (really) likes to study and she likes yoga a lot (a whole lot). She lives in New Orleans with the girl of her dreams and a family of furry pets named after vegetables and the members of Fleetwood Mac. She teaches sliding scale yoga classes and practices both traditional table and Thai massage. You can check out her personal yoga blog if you want to know more about her.

Jen shoot 002Jennifer Richard is a professor-in-training, and is very excited to be finishing her PhD in 2013! She has been an instructor at the university-level for 4 years, teaching in the political science departments at both Tulane University in New Orleans, LA and at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, LA. She has Master’s degrees in religious studies and political science, and currently teaches courses in political theory and comparative politics. Jennifer started teaching yoga asana in 2009 and yoga philosophy in 2011. She has had a wide range of experiences, learning from various lineages and traditions. The tradition she finds most freeing is the Rajanaka yoga tradition taught by Prof. Douglas Brooks and others. While she takes every opportunity she can to learn with great scholars and yoga practitioners alike, she is also adept in her own lines of inquiry, investigation, and research. She welcomes open and honest discussion and is very excited to be a part of this new forum for conversation.


vrksasana_cnrChelsea Roberts began asana and meditation practice in her early teens and has steadily worked to refine and define her yoga practice through experimentation, application, a 350 hour Swan River Yoga teacher training program, and thoughtful conversations with intelligent and honest people. She thrives on fresh air, something to read, vegetable farming, NPR, and alone time. She used to finish every sentence she started, but now she just


canada profileSarah Johnston is a slightly obsessive-compulsive soul who uses her yoga practice as a way to gently pry her fingers away from her control-freak tendencies. By day, she’s an English major turned software programmer, but by night, well, she’s really not much different. She likes to piddle in her garden and cook too much food. She believes a hot bath, a good book and a good beer in combination are the remedy for just about any minor complaint. Having always been a one-book-at-a-time person, after completing her first yoga teacher training, she couldn’t decide where to go next so became a multiple-book-at-a-time person. She’s currently reading Joseph Campbell’s Oriental Mythology: The Masks of God and Tantra Illuminated by Christopher D. Wallis.


christy pic kid

Christy Futch survived a childhood as an empath sandwiched between two outgoing sisters (who both became attorneys), overcame near-crippling shyness to become an award winning journalist at her first newspaper, and an award-winning headline writer for her second. After 5 years of telling the heartwarming stories of the Cajuns of Ascension Parish, (and covering a little murder and mayhem on the side) she escaped the newsroom with nothing but her savings, a plane ticket to Singapore and the journalists’ vestigial potty-mouth. Now back in the States, Christy likes spending her time on the yoga mat, reading self-help books, taking classes, overcoming fears, helping her friends do the same, meditation (in theory), making costumes and beauty products you can eat (in theory) but that ACTUALLY work (in practice), and taking up short-term hobbies by the dozen. Christy grew up in West Monroe, Louisiana, before the Duck Commander put it on the map, and escaped to Baton Rouge, where she lives, costumes and drops the occasional well-placed curse word today.


sharon_floyd_yfspSharon Floyd is an exotic, flightless bird, capable of word smithery and singing in your ear. She escaped the cage through the magic of yoga, ayurveda, and divine intervention. Despite this fantastical bio, she does prefer to keep it real. For a rare glimpse, check out her website.



kimberleeKimberlee Jensen Stedl is a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher and a member of the American Council on Exercise Continuing Education Faculty. She has been an American Council on Fitness certified instructor since 1992 and is a YogaFit certified instructor. She began her yoga journey in 1996 and has studied a variety of styles but found the adaptive vinyasa (flow) style as taught by YogaFit a perfect match with her own personal philosophy that yoga is for everyone. She founded Punk Rock Yoga in July, 2003 to fulfill community service requirements of her yoga certification, but found it ultimately rewarding and continued to offer classes long after fulfilling her obligations. She believes yoga should bring someone closer to a state of peace through active meditation. Since spirituality is profound and personal, Kimberlee allows students to explore their own spirituality in yoga, rather than dictate that students must all be Hindus/Buddhists/Bahai/etc. In yoga, everyone has a place to work, no matter how long someone has been practicing. Yoga teaches inner strength, so Kimberlee believes people should view themselves from the inside, not from the outside.


563618_348657635249150_395408524_nBrit Estep is a teacher living in New Orleans, LA working at a transformation elementary school in the Treme neighborhood. She has degrees in Ecology and Fine Arts and an MFA Creative Writing from Louisiana State University. Her writing has been published by Shambhala Press and her visual design work has found homes with small businesses such as the Baker Heirloom Seed Company. She is a student of Lama Surya Das, a practitioner of Waking Down in Mutuality and has been trained by non dual teacher Scott Kiloby. She has practiced many limbs of yoga including hatha for the past 20 years, until a back injury left her meditating more and bending less.


Marcy Braverman GoldsteinUpon encountering Sanskrit 20 years ago, Marcy Braverman Goldstein, Ph.D. was riveted by its mellifluous sound and intricate grammar.  Drawing from doctoral training at the University of California, Santa Barbara, tutorials with Dr. B.N. Pandit in New Delhi, and fifteen years of practicing yoga, Marcy has taught in various educational settings for over 15 years.  Currently at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte, she teaches her favorite course, an historical study of yoga traditions from 2500 B.C.E. to the ever-changing modern moment.  At yoga studios and conferences nationally, she leads workshops that focus on Sanskrit. She is thrilled to be the resident Sanskritist at YFSP.  To become smarter in your use of Sanskrit, take a Sanskrit Revolution workshop and/or join the conversation on Facebook at Sanskrit Revolution ~ Illuminating the Language of Yoga



Roseanne Harvey is a writer, editor and yoga teacher who lives and loves life in Montreal. She is the creator and head mistress of It’s All Yoga, Baby, a blog about yoga and other things, with a mission to spark investigation into the relationship between yoga, the body and popular culture. IAYB questions, provokes thought and shines a critical light on yoga culture ~ while celebrating community, service, creativity, the independent spirit and good ol’ fun. Roseanne is also the co-editor (with Carol Horton) of 21st Century Yoga and the co-founder of Yoga Festival Montreal (a grassroots, defiantly local annual celebration of all things yoga and community).


matthew remskiMatthew Remski is an author, Yoga teacher, and Ayurvedic practitioner living in Toronto. Of his latest book, Threads of Yoga, Christopher Wallis writes: “…the only rendering of the Sūtras I know of that can be read to an audience like poetry, and that audience not only understands, but is moved.” You can read more of his writing on his blog:



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Tracey Duncan is the founder and editor of Yoga for Smart People, at least until someone offers to take these duties off her hands. She studied Anthropology at Columbia, Creative Writing at Louisiana State University, Massage at Educated Hands, and Yoga at Satchidananda Ashram-Yogaville and Swan River.
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