Distance Learning and its Discontents: A Call for Submissions

ipadI am a traditional femme des lettres. I like books and notebooks and have a favorite pen. I have only recently given in to e-books, and sometimes I feel kind of weird about how odorless my kindle is. No ink, no paper, just some electronic chemistry that I don’t understand and a bunch of ones and zeros.

I have also been a teacher for years. I don’t just mean yoga. I’ve been an adjunct and a elementary classroom teacher. I believe in education like I believe in few other things. And I like it to be personal. I like handwritten comments and personal feedback.

The whole idea of online education has always been kind of crazy to me. I want to know my teachers. I want to know if they have one glass eye or if they never iron their pants. I’m a nerd. I tried to take a distance learning class when I was in college and I was so unengaged that I had to drop it halfway through and beg the teacher for a withdrawal.

But I keep meeting people who are crazy into online learning. They take dharma classes online, ayurveda classes, nutrition classes, anatomy classes. And they love it. So, I want to know about it. What is your experience with it?How “smart” can online learning get? Am I just a stalwart traditionalist? What role does this kind of education have in yoga? Some people are doing their whole yoga certifications online. Is this okay?

YFSP is seeking submissions about technology & yoga & learning, the decline of interpersonal communication, or whatever you can tangentially relate to this topic in an interesting way. No word count. We don’t care as long as it stays interesting.

Deadline is October 15th.


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