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Domestic Abuse and Everyday Self-Realization (or YFSP Reads Yoga PhD, Part 2)

  ┬áIt’s ironic that a practice originally dedicated to transcending the self has become a prime vehicle of everyday self-realization. It’s also true, however, that there are ways in which these two projects, while substantively antithetical, share parallel ambitions for transformation and produce experiences with a profound, if distant, resonance. (Yoga PhD, p. 96) *Trigger […]

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Sacred vs. Profane: The Smackdown! (Or YFSP Reads Yoga PhD, Part One)

Leaving certain fundamental questions asked but unanswered creates a space of openness and mystery that’s much more valuable than any box that absolutist directives and determinations might provide. (Yoga PhD, p. 32) Allright, y’all. Here we go. I’m an online book club virgin, so let’s take it a little slow. I wanted to kick off […]

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YFSP Reads Yoga Ph.D