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Distance Learning and its Discontents: A Call for Submissions

I am a traditional femme des lettres. I like books and notebooks and have a favorite pen. I have only recently given in to e-books, and sometimes I feel kind of weird about how odorless my kindle is. No ink, no paper, just some electronic chemistry that I don’t understand and a bunch of ones […]

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In Defense of “Smart People”

Oh, hey. I know it’s been a while since I reached out, but let me explain. It’s not that I didn’t want to communicate with you, it’s just that I wasn’t sure what to say. See, I started YFSP to be a forum for the intellectually inclined yoga folk out there. It wasn’t meant to be […]

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Meet the Smart People

Yoga for Smart People is thrilled to present our team of collaborators. Among us you will find yogis of all stripes: academics, recovering academics, journalists, poets, yoga teachers, computer programmers, punk rockers, Ayurvedic practitioners, gardeners of the soil and soul, and moms. We are excited to embark on this psycho-spiritual journey with the benefit of […]

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