Yoga for Smart People was created because dumbed down, corporately-sponsored crap dominates the search engines. Most yogis could care less about trying to achieve a “yoga booty in 60 days or less!” but you’d never know it by most of the advertainment that passes for yoga journalism.

We can do better.

Yoga for Smart People is not meant as an elitist enterprise. It is meant to provide a space where thoughtful yogis can come together to discuss ideas. It is also not meant to compete with or to replace any of the already awesome yoga blogs and online magazines out there. It is meant to bring writers together to engage with each other in a conversational way.

Here’s the idea: A different topic, say ahimsa, will be chosen every few weeks, and all interested writers will have a given length of time in which to submit a piece on that subject. Sometimes the topics will be very broad, like ahimsa, and sometimes they will be more specific, like “yoga for queer incarcerated youth.”

Just like a real-time conversation, the topic will depend on the participants and it will evolve accordingly. It will be a space where writers are encouraged to engage with each other, to learn from each other, and to riff off of each other. Readers will be encouraged to comment and to participate.

Yoga for Smart People is looking for collaborators who:

  • have substantial knowledge or curiosity about yoga or related topics
  • have strong writing skills
  • are willing to commit to making a regular contribution to the YFSP community
  • are willing to familiarize themselves with the WordPress blog platform

If you want to be a part of Yoga for Smart People or are interested in learning more, contact us.